Buch der Lieder -Heinrich Heine

Not many people know that many of Heinrich Heine’s poems were made into songs. Schumann and Schubert used to create lovely songs using Heinrich Heine’s verses.

And even nowadays, some of his poems are being transferred into a song.

The most famous song is the song of the Loreley.

My most favourite song is the next one.

For that reason, Heinrich Heine’s book was called the ‘Buch der Lieder’.

I was asked by my publisher to write a booklet for German A level students so they can understand Heinrich Heine’s text in the original version.

It was a challenging task. But I am very happy with the outcome.

I based my booklet on this book.

Goldmann Klassiker, Band Kl 234

I will provide you with a preview.

Heinrich Heine wrote his poems spanning several decades. His texts illustrate his turmoils ranging from being young and in love to being wise and reaching the end of his life.

He was of Jewish ethnicity but changed his religion later in his life. He reflected about his status in German society, the revolution in France and its impact on Germany. His writings reflect on his time in exile in Paris.

More about him: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Heine

This book is appealing to young people who are becoming adults and who come from a multicultural background and are not quite fitting in. They can identify with Heinrich Heine’s struggles.

You can purchase my booklet under the following link:


This is an affiliate link. I earn from qualifying purchases.

Look also at the feedback that some teachers gave.

All the worksheets are photocopiable.

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